Building on the outputs and outcomes of Inclusive Schools, we created a vision for the delivery of Inclusive Schools II. Feel free to use the resources and tools from both projects as follows.

That  project was designed with the vision to inspire inclusion practice in schools around Europe. By the term inclusion, we embraced all kinds of diversities and addressed every student’s particular needs towards their learning development and access to a safe school environment offering opportunities for everyone. The Inclusive Schools team has worked on a set of tools to facilitate the inclusion process of the school community and give incentives to school staff and students to adopt the methodology and adapt accordingly. These tools are primarily intended to teachers and school leaders but it has happened that actively involved students of older age have used them as well.

Education Pack

The Education Pack of Inclusive Schools is authored by Sian Williams, an international expert with over twenty-five years of experience in education and in projects of inclusion-in-education across the world. This toolkit is designed to guide you flexibly, in ways that suit your school, through the start of a journey towards inclusion: improving personal and academic outcomes for all children and young people by focusing on their access to and participation in quality, relevant education. You will find tips; methodology and activities to lead in the classroom or within the school community.

Activities Booklet (Week activities pack)

Have fun with your students and take us much as you need from this toolkit. How to practically approach rights-based learning in your classroom? Come and see!

Inclusive education needs assessment and collection of inspiring practices

Explore with us the concept of social inclusion and the ways it is put into practices inside European schools.

Our partners

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